There is no way to describe the way my heart aches for those suffering through the horrific war going on in Ukraine. As a child of Polish and Ukrainian parents, the accounts I’ve heard from both sides have left a pit in my stomach. 


In an effort to support Ukrainian families and those displaced, Brighter Days will be raising funds to be used for the purchase of food, water, diapers, medication, etc. We are working with both the “Father Ignacy Skorupka Foundation” and “Association and Stowarzyszenie Łagierników”, who will be purchasing these items and bringing them to refugees awaiting safety and stable shelter at the border.


Our brand new "Unity" candle promotes coming together and fighting for peace in these devastating times. All proceeds from sales will be donated to Ukrainian refugees. For those that would like to help in another way, direct Venmo donations will also be collected and sent over to the organizations listed above. Any amount is greatly appreciated! 


Scent: Sea Salt + Orchid


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